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Europe (Headquarter):
Memcon Limited, UK
North America:
Memcon North America L.L.C., USA
Memcon Electronics (Shenzhen) Limited
Near 20 years experiences of the industry, we are the European leading supplier to the industries of Membrane Switch, Flexible Circuit and Touch Panel.
- Female & Male Contact -
- Crimp / Pin -
- Housing / Connector -
- Super Slim LED -
- Integrated Crimp Connector -
- Pin Header -
- Spacer Adhesive -
- Metal Dome / Disc -
- Metal Dome / Disc Array -
- Cable Assembly -
Custom Metal Dome Arrays
Dome Array Series
Dome Array Assemblies have become common practise with many membrane switch/circuit manufacturers who are utilising them to help take cost out and speed up assembly times. As the operator places one large dome array in on application instead of each dome individually, production time is reduced dramatically. Quality improvements and benefits can also be enjoyed with the reduction in placement errors and "Double Doming". Dome array are also a great way of enhancing the tactile feel of a rubber keymat / keypad or simple sticking directly to a PCB with an overlay to create a tactile switch effect. We are able to offer an extensive range of dome array design from simple single layer PET dome array to those requiring spacers and EMI shielding layers.
Single Layer Dome Array
Double Layer Dome Array
EMI Single / Double Layer Dome Array
Double Layer with Rubber Adhesive
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